Friday, 11 July 2014


Last Sunday I took some photo's of what is flowering in the garden.

The water lily is flowering in the pond.

A closer look .

We have a tendency to leave various plants in pots along the edge of the pond.

A friend gave us some Agapanthus which we put into a terracotta pot and then on a trip to the garden centre found some more which have been planted into terracotta pots and placed with our gift ones around the sundial in the flower garden.

We love these plants , they can be very hard to get to flower but always worth the effort.

One of our Day Lilies, we have several in the garden in various colours.

The rose Geoff Hamilton.

The beautiful yellow Abutilon.

The Rose Tess of the d'Urbervilles

The rose Crown princess Margareta.

A climbing Schizophragma hydrangeoides in pink

The pink Dahlia's are flowering well, the red are still budding up.You can see the lemon tree on the left hand side of photo.

Ligularia , The Rocket , flowering in the damp garden seen from the Lych Gate.

Looking from the Lych Gate into the raised garden

Looking back into the damp garden with the Ligularia in the background and purple Astibile in the foreground next to the oak leafed Hydrangea.

The path in the raised garden to the sitting area is full and rich with white Campion, purple Phlox and Buddleia.

The arch to the side , that leads to the path to the back gate.

The flowers overspill the borders to hide the path back to the Lych Gate from the shaded seating area at the very back of the garden.

The roof of the Lych Gate rising up out of the flowers

The afternoon sun on the statue of Niamh the water nymph.

She shelters in the shaded damp garden.

A closer look.

Self seeded Campion with Rodgersia


The ferns by the back gate are growing well.

Looking back toward the workshop from the back gate.

Geranium in the stone urn

A red Abuliton  with insect.

A border in the flower garden

the other side of the border.

The border in front of  new fencing is beginning to fill up.

Well it's all beginning to fill with colour with quite a few plants yet to flower.



  1. Everything in the garden is blooming! It looks beautiful Dee, and full of colour, Iove it!
    Do you pick your lemons? They look like they're a nice size now so a good time to start using them for your drinks!!
    I have one plant the same as yours, it's called Aeonium I see!! Except that ours is much smaller. You have such an interesting garden, it's a delight for the eyes!
    Big hugs, Sharon xx

  2. So many kinds of beautiful colors of flowers and leaves there are!
    Deep red colors of rose 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' and abutilon are so impressive.
    And I love yellow colors of rose 'Crown princess Margareta' and abutilon, too.

  3. As the old saying goes 'Everything in the garden's rosy!' That's certainly true in your garden but I have a problem with my three white Agapantus plants in mine. Chon gave them to me a gift a few years ago and they were then in flower but have only since flowered the once.
    Being only semi hardy I usually dig them up and transfer them into large pots in late Autumn and store them in my garage over Winter, replanting them outside again when they start to sprout.
    I'm guessing that I must be doing something wrong with the lack of them flowering but what?
    Is all this digging out and moving from garden to plant pots not good for them? Should they perhaps remain in some large containers and just be moved under cover in order to be kept away from the frosts or maybe even just covered/wrapped in fleece?
    Would welcome any advice as I don't want to lose them being a gift.