Friday, 13 June 2014


I have always wanted a Lych Gate in my garden and luckily this garden was big enough to have one.Paul set about making the gate from two small railway sleepers and  4 by 4 inch wooden fence posts plus other wood.

Here you can see the two sleepers used for the base on each side and the fencing posts for the uprights and cross beams.

Here the Lych Gate's been stained with dark oat stain and the roof boarded but still awaits roof tiles.

View of the roof from inside.

A closer look at the side rails, which had a piece of decking used for top, you can see the ends of the dowel pegs.

View of how it was at time of open garden.The Lych Gate was made using dowelled mortice and tenon joints.

We spent the next year looking for some tiles for the roof and finishing the detail. Then a good friend mentioned he had some slate roofing tiles which we could have for the gate, so it finally had a decent roof but we wanted to add something nice and interesting to the top, so another year passed until we found just the right thing.

A two headed horse with a fishtail! Here you can see it being fitted to the roof.

It was getting dark by the time Paul had finished.

You can also see that the boarding had been added to the roof ends which were waiting for some more detailing and then staining.

These next photo's were taken today showing the finished roof and boarding.

Here you can see the garden has filled up around the Lych Gate.

A closer look at the two headed sea horse.

and to finish a photo from last summer of the Lych Gate from the raised garden. This is the photo that forms the background of this blog page.



  1. Congratulation on your completion of the Lych Gate!!

    In Japan we have a item similar to your two headed horse with a fishtail. It is a fabulous dolphinlike fish (a pair of which were traditionally used to decorate the roof‐ridge of a Japanese castle). Gold ones can be seen at Osaka Castle and Nagoya Castle.

    1. Thank you. We love these medieval style items that were found on old buildings.

  2. Lovely! That two headed horse creature is brilliant too! I love anything like that!

    1. Us too! We love medieval items in our garden, things with character!