Sunday, 8 June 2014


The problem with being a gardener/plant lover is when you go out to buy one plant you are more than likely to return with totally different plants!

We went down to our local nursery, Growing Strong, to buy some Dahlia's , we did buy three but we also bought two shrubs!
Then we popped along to another garden centre to look for Dahlia's but came back with a Rose and a Pelargonium , some soil and manure but NO Dahlia's!!

We love David Austin Roses and Paul could not resist this beautiful white Rose called Tranquillity.

A closer look at the flower.

We also bought a Sambuca , we already have two in the garden , one at the very back in the raised garden and one out in the front garden. , those are Black Lace with beautiful lace type leaves. This one is a more solid leaf called Black Beauty.

The second Shrub we bought was a Deutzia called Strawberry fields, the bees love this shrub, so much we even bought a bee home with us!

This is a photo of one of the borders this morning in the glorious sunshine.

The Delphiniums and Foxgloves are beginning to make a splash of colour in the flower garden.

The Lemon, Tangerine and Lime tree's are enjoying the sun in the Formal Italian garden.

The view this morning from the Lych Gate into the Raised garden with a view of Billy Bob's horns!

Again from the Lych Gate but to the left side a view of the Shade/ Damp garden.

To the right the Ferns.

Some pale pink poppies in the raised garden.and yes that is one of our Westie's travelling the path!

The view to the shady seating for those hot sunny days.

This is the Black Lace Sambuca in the raised garden with the Rose Gentle Hermione .

Here on the path back to the Lych Gate you can see where Fox Gloves and white Campion have self seeded in  the edges of the path.

We put this gorgeous rambling rose in last year to frame behind this bench in the Formal Italian Garden, I just love the colour of these small flowers.

A closer look.

A view of the rose round the bench, the rose is called Mannington Mauve.

And lastly a small Verbascum bathed in early morning sun light.



  1. How maddening as I was just finishing off writing my, as usual rather too long, comment and the computer jumped and knocked me off it and I lost it all.
    I'm just loving these views of your boarders with the sun shining through them. Such an inspiration for me to add a few more plants to my tiny plot.
    Last year but one I treated myself to a lovely pure white foxglove but unfortunately since re-seeding itself they have, apart from one plant, turned back to the pinks like yours here.
    Next year I'm hopefully going to add a Delhinium or two as I like the heights of these (and the Foxglove flowers) in the boarders.
    Many thanks for these fabulous photos. Certainly encouraging me to look more closely at mine and add a bit more colour in amongst the green shrubs..

    1. That is so annoying when that happens! Thank you for taking the time to re do your comment. :)
      That is the problem with fox gloves they can revert to pink! We have a beautiful strawberry coloured Delphinium but twice it's had the top knocked off!! We are hoping it will recover and raise again!!
      We will have to bring you a few off cuts of plants when we come to visit!

    2. Oh thanks. That would be just wonderful!

  2. My wife often says that I am an impulse buyer and that I buy too many seedlings.

    What a beautiful white rose it is!

    Last month I bought a rose 'Mortimer Sackler' via internet. My wife planted it yesterday because my right arm is painful due to overuse in April and May. Some rest is needed, but it is stressful to stop gardening.

    1. Most gardeners are impulsive buyers!! buy first worry where you will put it later!!
      We have a Mortimer Sackler climber , a lovely rose. Sorry to hear your arm is hurting, you must rest on that lovely bench and watch the garden grow for a while and plan your next garden job !

  3. English gardens are so green even at this time of year! When we left to come down to the coast our garden was very pretty with lots of colour and greenery, but I expect that with the high temperatures, by the time we go home next week, it'll be a lot more dusty and the flowers will be struggling against the heat! Thank goodness for Geraniums which seem to do well in the sunshine, we have a lot of those in pots!