Monday, 25 June 2018


So the day dawned bright and beautiful and the people came to share the garden for the afternoon.

the Patio

Neptune and his many pots.

 into the garden

redesigned flower bed at side of new log cabin

some old plants and some new helping to fill this bed.

Through the gate into the flower garden.

New Iris bed.

the seating and the beds.

 other side

other side

The Cloisters

End of Cloisters

View to side of Cloisters

round to the left of the Cloisters, going towards the back gate and greenhouse.

the greenhouse area was out of bounds due to the raised bed boarding on the right needing replacing.

This Pineapple lily was placed to stop entry.

Then you are at the folly and the centre of a choice of ways to go.

Carry on round to the back right hand side of garden and this spot to sit and dream or

Or turn back towards the lychgate and into the formal box garden.

The formal box garden , the box needs cutting but no time before open day.

The view from the bench in the box garden looking towards the Lychgate.

the statue of David's head is adorned with a flower from the weed , bell vine.

Then from the side of the box garden back onto the cloisters to head back to house.

The bed in the house garden

The pots and hanging baskets by the log cabin.

On the left the rockery , then back onto patio.

The tour ends .

Everyone was very complementary, asking about design, folly and plants etc. So had a lovely day with a few hundred visitors.


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