Sunday, 13 May 2018


We spent a couple of evening's staining the log cabin in Seagrass and the doors and window in cream.

Because they were saying it would rain last week, we covered the cabin's roof with a large tarpaulin and put the doors and window back on, so you can see the cream against the seagrass.

We were away this weekend , so unable to get on with roof but we did return early enough that Paul decided to put in the plants in the now shortened border to the side of the new building.

We bought the plants late last year then decided we needed to replace the fence before we put them in or they'd get trampled. Then time got away from us so we had to over winter them and have finally got most of them planted this afternoon.

Elsewhere , this Rhododendron is starting to flower and give  a busy to the flower garden.

  and the Wisteria , which I'd forgotten all about!, is now also starting to flower.


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