Tuesday, 27 February 2018


This pot of daff's will be lucky to survive the bitter weather that's about to hit the UK this week.

Lots happening with the garden in the early part of the year , just need some good not too cold dry weather every weekend so that we can get it all done!

We have concrete posts and gravel boards plus already prepared stained fence panels just waiting for some warmer weather to arrive, so we can remove some old fencing on the left hand side of garden by the gazebo which is leaning and the posts are rotting. we are intending to replace most of the posts and fence panels on the left hand side of our garden as thats the side we are responsible for and we want to get the work done while we are still able to do it ourselves.

Then once those panels are in we will be removing the old gazebo which we re-roofed and filled in a few years back.
The gazebo was not put up by us, so we do not know how sound the posts are and did consider strengthening it by making new walls that would stand on a concrete base but although a cheaper way to go it would take much longer and be a lot of work.

So we decide to completely remove the Gazebo see whats underneath and replace it with a 40cm thick log cabin.

I will be using this for storing my fabrics and wool and for sewing and other crafts. It lower in height than the gazebo but slightly wider. So we will need to move a few shrubs along the border at the side so the cabin will fit.
This cabin is meant to be able to be erected in two days! But will take slightly longer as we want ti insulate the roof and floor.

Then we need to complete the folly! We decided that we need another couple of corner stones and maybe a carved stone to go in the big plain wall on the outside to break up all the brick work.
The base needs to be made for the other side of the arch doorway and then that door way completed.

Once that's all done the section of path outside needs to be replayed to complete the look. Then inside needs to be made good with maybe some old paving, a fake hearth etc.

Then it will be time to look at the other jobs... plus while thats all going on we'll need to keep on top of the rest of the garden to keep down any weeds, split any plants and all the other things that need doing as the earth warms and spring arrives.

Oh and did I mention we agreed to open the garden, along with others in the village,  for the church again this year..... in June....

So busy busy busy once spring arrives !


  1. JUNE!!!!! Oh my goodness Dee, you and Paul never do things by halves, do you! But the cabin will be beautiful and so useful too. The garden was lovely when I saw it, next time I visit ;) it'll look even lovelier :D

    1. Lol No we don't ! It seems we always need a deadline to get things done! Hopefully we'll make it this time too!
      It was lovely when you visited and we look forward to you coming again. :) xx

  2. Wonderful!
    Your garden is fully being renewed.
    I'm looking forward to new photos.

    1. Thank you. as you yourself know there is always things to improve and that need work in a garden, it's never finished.. :)

  3. Everything looks like it's coming together nicely Dee. I do love your little cabin studio, you won't know yourself once it's done. Hope you can manage to finish it all in time for the open garden. :)

    1. I hope so. I cannot wait to see that cabin in place and ready for use! I hope we can get most if not all of it done in time too ! :) x