Sunday, 24 September 2017



I had totally forgotten to share the photos of our folly build. So will bring you up to date of how it's been slowly growing after the last few weeks.

We started on the 6th of August.

On the 13th the foundations were laid.

On the 20th August building began.

 By the 27th August the walls were beginning to rise.

By the 29th August Paul was into his stride.

But then we stopped for a week away.

Then we had a week at home before returning to work, so Paul was able to do a little more most days.

The 12th September is coming along

So finally we got to the stage where one of the 'windows' could go in! on the 15th

On the 16th we'd got this far, you can see the weather was not the best for building so it's been done when the weathers allowed!

By the 18th this wall was now finished.

So up to date , this is the wall finished apart from our little friend whose decided that maybe they'll be a place for him and his twin brother on the folly!

We've had the two little gargoyle's for about 18 years and they may finally find a proper home!

We left the odd nook for the placing of a plant or fern like this one. we don't want anyone thinking it just been built!!

The side wall is not far off it's finishing height, there is another corner stone to go this side then it can be built between and given the 'broken down' look!

The first column of the arched doorway as been cemented in place which means this wall can now be carried on over to the side of archway and the large stone you can see sitting in front of the bricks can be put into place ready for the Tracery Window to start going in !

The area where this folly now stands was higher before the build, so now we will be redesigning this are and the damp garden area to the left hand side of it. The actual damp garden will stay in place but the lead in will be changed slightly.

Unfortunately although would be the perfect day to continue the build Paul's out to a sports meeting all day. But hopefully if the weather stays nice he'll be able to do a few more rows each evening this week.



  1. It is exiting to watch the process of making something original.
    I'm looking forward to looking at the finished folly.

    1. Thank you. I too love seeing what people make for their gardens.

  2. I must say Dee, your Paul is a very good bricklayer! Give him a pat on the back and a well done. :)