Thursday, 7 April 2016


I Thought I take a little photo trip round the garden to show how it's looking at the beginning of April.

This Magnolia is called Black Tulip and I bought it as a very small plant. It's been in a couple of places before it finally landed here and at last it seems to like it's spot as this year we have a lovely
amount of flower buds, some of which are starting to open.

a closer look at a bud.

The four beds in the flower garden are starting to fill up. Bed One

Bed Two

Bed Three

Bed Four

The pots of Iris's are shooting up in the flower garden.

Billy Bob the goat is still sheltering under the Lych Gate waiting for the warmer weather.

Paul's weeded and mulched the bog garden.

My Dwarf flowering Cherry tree that I brought with me from my last house is putting on a beautiful show of pale pink flowers.

Paul's Jungle is growing well.

He's uncovered the Banana's , you can see a tall stick on the back left. He's also bought another Banana which arrived yesterday to be put in once it warms up.

The Camellia's are out , like this deep pink one, but it's still cold enough for the flowers to suffer frost damage. It's just rained here with hailstones in it!

looking towards the end of the garden where the stone circle is.

The woodland garden on the left is looking well with the Rhododendron bushes full of buds and some spring colour from the primroses, Hellebore's etc .

The twig is a Hydrangea that will leaf up later and you can see the seed head from another hydrangea at the very end of this woodland bed.

This little shrub is rich with red berry's.

 The bog garden from the other side.

My eldest daughters dog, Archie watching what i'm up to!

He likes having his photo taken, he knows he's a handsome little chap!

The wider bed slowing filling.

Another Magnolia, called Susan , that I bought at the end of the season a few years back and it's now grown well and again is starting to flower.

A closer look.
The Magnolia's are in what I call the house garden ( the garden closest to the back of the house ) but I am thinking maybe I should start calling it the Magnolia garden?

Hope you enjoyed this little trip round the garden. Hopefully in a few weeks they'll be more colour and form.



  1. Yes I enjoyed it very much, thankyou Dee! And seeing Archie too, indeed a handsome young fellow.
    The garden is looking very nice and it won't be long before it is a real riot of colour.
    Hugs xxx

  2. So many nice pictures!
    Magnolia flower buds look cute, and Archie is cute too.
    Your garden has changed and I'm looking forward to seeing it.