Sunday, 27 March 2016


At last it's spring! So it's time to get outside and finish some of the jobs ready for the growing season.

Which meant Paul finally got outside and finished his cold frame that he showed you the start of back  January.

This is how it was left although Paul did give it a coat of preservative. So today Easter Sunday between down pours he made up and fitted the top.

He decided to make the top in one piece, using some perspex's sheet we had left over.

It's already in use!

The fixings for the perspex give a nice finish.

So another job done , but the list is never ending...



  1. It looks useful and easy to use.
    I want to make some like that.

  2. That's a very posh cold frame!
    I'm glad spring has sprung over there in Hertfordshire and look forward to seeing your plants grow and bloom over the coming months :)