Sunday, 21 February 2016


We usually discuss various plans for the garden as the year ends and then when the new year arrives they are or are not put into place or production.

Last year we discussed making one of the flower borders in the house garden ( the garden closest to the house) bigger , bringing it out into the grass and filling it with colour.

Well there the foot on the left that's started to remove the grass today after cutting the line across yesterday ready for my agreement on if it was out far enough. Agreement given today Paul started.

It's about four foot deeper now.

Dug over , grass removed  some manure added.

The paving slabs we use for edging as also been moved forward to help keep the dogs off the bed.
We are going to leave the birdbath where it is, so it will be surrounded by flowers.

So you can workout where it is this is the gazebo, still with it's winter covering.

The other side where the gate into the flower garden is.Eventually we'd like to pave this garden completely but while Izzy, our elderly Westie, is still with us we'll wait as we put the wider path in so she could find her way back to the house now her sight is nearly gone and this works well for her, she knows if she strays off it to turn back and follow it home towards the house.

Now I know you are think yet more plant purchases to be made... but you'd be wrong ! We have quite a few perennials that we got from an offer in the Daily Mail gardening club, which came as tiny plug plants and have been potted up and growing strong over the autumn and winter months.

Lavender , Geum, Delphiniums, Lupins and foxgloves to name but a few, so no need to buy need but does not mean a plant or two may not be required to help balance , give height or not only planting up will tell!



  1. You have been busy. Will you please now come and make a start on mine! ;)
    I look forward to seeing it all when the spring comes to the UK and it's all full of blooms and colour :)

    1. Paul likes to be outside when the weathers good. :)xx

  2. Hopefully this post tells me that Spring must be getting quite near now. Can't wait although the Winter wasn't too bad all-in-all.
    I was a little uncertain as to where you were making this bigger flower bed until I saw the photo with the gazebo in.

    1. Yes not long now, I always try to give people a point of reference if I am able.