Sunday, 17 January 2016


Well we are halfway into the first month of the new year and we've had our first really Wintry day with SNOW!!

This was the scene this morning out into the front garden.

looking left towards the neighbours

Front garden again

Neighbours on the right hand side .

Late afternoon , early evening the Gazebo

The snows melted but its bitterly cold.

The plants are now covered with fleece to help keep them warmer and there is a greenhouse heater in here to take off the chill if it drops to 1c.

It seems to be keeping them quite well but this is the first really cold spell.

So all's looking well inside.

The raised bed at the end of the Garden.

You can see the Banana wrapped up from protection through these winter months.

The Yucca is looking well in the greenhouse, thank goodness!

The other plants in there are also doing well.



  1. Oh! You've definitely had MUCH more snow there than we've had up here.
    Everywhere is looking very cosily sheltered and wrapped for survival during this cold spell that we are undergoing at the moment.

    I should perhaps have done the same with my Geranuim plants hopefully over-Wintering in my conservatory as this is the time that they sometimes catch cold and die off. I think that I must have been lulled into a false sence of security with it being such a mild Christmas so far.

    1. We seem to get much more weather than you Kendal!! :)You must be in one of those little area's were it all passes over, it was like that when we lived in Hertford.
      If they are in the conservatory, they should be fine as long as the frost does not get them :)

  2. Snow is a magic that makes everything monotone.
    We haven't snow yet, however, the TV weather forecast says there will be snow this week. We've sheltered some semi-hardy plants indoor or under the eaves.

    1. Snow is magic.. to look at but not to drive in the ear;y mornings! :)
      Good idea to shelter them early against the snow.

  3. SnoW, finally in the UK!
    It looks fresh and smells like adventure :)
    So good you saved your plants!

    It was -11° this night in the middle of germany- now sunny, but still cold.

    1. Yes.. it looks fresh and smells like slipping and sliding!! lol :)
      - 11, I feel cold just typing it!! :)

  4. I missed this post, so am commenting now. I recognise several plants here that we have in our garden :) but I don't recognise that white stuff...thank must be snow....and it can stay away from here, thank you. Although several years back we did have snow on the 28th February. If it comes this year then I will be out that door and back down to the coast like my bums on fire!