Sunday, 12 July 2015


Well we have a couple of strange happenings in the garden, First I spotted this and called Paul to look at it,neither of us had ever seen it before!
I let Paul take these close up photo's!!

I saw thus strange happening on this Shasta daisy plant

It reached from one flower head to the other!

And this is the maker! A spider!

Hopefully it was only spending the day before moving on to pastures new, so hope it's not it's nest!!!

Next is this plant that for some reason instead of growing tall and straight it's leaning over and flat!

and still it tries to flower!!

Strange goings on indeed!!!



  1. Oh my goodness, you needed to put a public health warning on this post.....yuck on the spider, it looks enormous! I really hate spiders and it made my scalp tingle!
    Love that other flower though, looks very odd but interesting!
    Hugs xxx

    1. I know! It appears it's a garden spider, so that's a relief I was worried it had hopped off a banana from tropical climes and could be dangerous!! :)xx